Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'm moving...

to another blog address. i have another blog that i'd love for you all to see, so i thought i should combine the 2! now, not only will you get to see what's happening at the pleated poppy, but also get a peek into my life at home. feel free to search through the archives for some fun craft ideas, party inspiration, and a few tutorials. i'm working on a brand new redesign of that blog to reflect both my business and home, so be looking for that in the near future. also, please please subscribe to the other blog or add me to your blogroll since i will no longer be posting here. thanks, and i can't wait for you to come visit!

Friday, February 20, 2009

sneak peak revealed

here's the full view of the sneak peek i did awhile back. a grandmother ordered these as a gift for her granddaughter who loves to bake. isn't that so sweet?

i'm currently working on a pile of new tea towels. my husband will be out of town for a few days and i tend to get a lot done while he's gone to try to make the time pass more quickly. maybe they'll be up in the shop by tuesday?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

posy hair clips

set of 3 posy hair clips $15

as requested, here's what the back of the hair clips looks like:


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on sale!

only 3 sets left at 50% off!


Monday, February 16, 2009

look! i'm famous!

ok, not really, but my posies are being worn by a blogging world superstar with a celebrity. that counts, right? the nester (please tell me you all know who she is. she is HUGE in the blogging world and stinkin' hilarious. oh, and her blog is wonderful and full of all sorts of inspiration for real people. put her on your blogroll if she isn't already) did a giveaway for me awhile back and i've been spotting her wearing her posy pins. she wore them at blissdom and at a dinner where petrozzi, from hell's kitchen, was the chef. too bad there wasn't a big business card hanging from the posies. that would've been good for business! but i have a feeling that wasn't the look the nester was going for, you know?

set of 3 posy pins - $15


Saturday, February 14, 2009

posy headbands

there are just a small handful left in the shop.


Friday, February 13, 2009

attention brides:

the ever-so-wonderful-and-talented courtney of joyful weddings and events is having a little giveaway over at her blog. so set the bridal magazines and linen samples aside for a minute to go enter! then set aside the rest of your afternoon to pour over her archives for amazing weddings and tons of inspiration. i'm sure more ideas are just what you need!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

i hit the jackpot!

if you know me at all, you know that i am a fan of all things parties, decorating, and martha stewart - not that she herself is so awesome, but the empire she has built is.

well, i stumbled upon the a.ma.zing blog inchmark recently. i'm still working my way through her archives. she works, or worked (haven't figured that one out yet) for martha and is incredibly talented. she has featured some cute party ideas and lots of fun eye candy. *i just checked she was formerly the senior art director for martha stewart kids and ms living!

it is a must-bookmark site.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

covered notebooks

3 more covered notebooks are now in the shop. with this huge sale going on, you may want to head over now to grab them... before someone else does!


Monday, February 9, 2009

sweet baby creations giveaway winner!

a sweet little friend helping me choose the winner

drumroll please.....
and the winner of the sweet baby creations giveaway is....
"Love her stuff. Thanks for letting us meet her. And I love etsy...I can be on that site for hours. I love the mommy bag...because I love bags!


congratulations! (for added effect, please imagine lots of confetti falling right now)

don't forget about the giveaway over at blue corduroy, and.... i have a HUGE discount posted on my other blog. if you plan to do any pleated poppy shopping soon, you'll want to head over there first!


blue corduroy giveaway!

what's with everyone giving away their stuff? i guess with the recession and lack of money most of us have right now, these giveaways are little ray of sunshine, tiny pieces of happiness, the hope of winning something precious.

so here's another one: blue corduroy is giving away your choice of her adorable hats. these things are seriously fantastic. i know because i tried on one of her hats like 10 times before the one i wanted sold behind my back! so head over to her blog and give her some love, and she just may send some back to you. or not. because i am going to win. but you should go anyway!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

new *gift sets*

did you see these yet? i decided to group some of my items together in sets that would be great for gifting.

they are sets of 2 to 3 items: headbands, chubby button pushpins, zippered pouches, checkbook covers... lots of fun stuff!

and all of these sets range from $23 to $30, discounted from their prices if sold individually.

so who's birthday is coming up? don't you think your best friend would love a little gift set like this, just because?

Friday, February 6, 2009

bridal posy pins and hair clips

how pretty is this? i've been working on a bridal line for a long time now, along with lots of input from my sister-in-law, and here's the first of the products. this posy is made of several layers of beautiful white fabrics, from velvet to twill. i'd call them casually elegant.

here's a shot of the posy as a hairclip. the posy will have a large contour snap clip on the back along with extra tiny metal loops for sticking in extra bobby pins - you know how those stylists use like 40 bobby pins in bridal updo's!

but this posy can also be used on your gown, on a ribbon at the waist, as a detail on the back, an a wrap... how great would three of these be in place of the horrific "butt bow"?

please email me at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com if you're interested in these!

ps - thanks, lisa, for the pics!


more crayon rolls

these crayon rolls have been flying of the shelf! i have quickly begun to realize that i tend to make way more girly items than boyish ones. so sorry for that! i guess its the 5+ years of creating for a girl that lean my tendencies that way. so i just whipped out 12 more crayon rolls, many gender neutral, some girly ones, and lots of boy ones! i know many of you have been asking for more, so here you go!

each crayon roll is made with 2 coordinating fabrics, with 16 little pockets filled with 16 crayola crayons, and roll up & tie up with a grosgrain ribbon. $17 each

ps - you'll only see 8 more new ones in my shop today because i ran out of crayons - oops! the others will be up soon.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

this is how i work:

people often ask me how i get it all done: momming, homeschooling, cleaning, sewing.

the answer: i multi-task.

if i try to work during the day, i am still a mom to 3 littles and apparently am a pretty cool jungle gym!

ps - don't forget about the giveaway!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sweet baby creations

woohoo! another giveaway! i have a sweet blogging friend named jenna, of inspired by jenna, who has a fantastic business called sweet baby creations. jenna and i say that if we lived in the same town we'd proably be best friends: we have really similar tastes and styles, our boys are the same age and equally nutty, and our daily ups and down often seem to be parrallel. its nice to hop on the computer at night and read her blog, only to see that her day was just as crazy as mine. something about that is comforting (is that wrong?).

jenna makes a number of amazing products - mommy bags, diaper clutches, nursing covers, burpies... all from amazing fabrics - and you know i'm super picky about fabric!

just so you all could get to know jenna a little better, we did a little interview:

1. tell me a little about your business - name, products...

I am the owner/creator of *Sweet Baby Creations*, unique handmade baby goodies for precious babies and hip mamas! I sew Nursing Covers, Designer Cotton and Chenille Burpies, Diaper Clutches, Mommy Bag Diaper Bags, Mini Mommy Bags, Pleated Purses and Totes, Changing Blankies, Matching hip Onesies, and hip Toddler Shirts. Depending on what will happen with CPSIA in February, I would like to add Toddler size Minky Blankies and offer zippered pouches for the Mommy Bags.

2. how long have you been in business and how did you get started?

About 3 years ago I started sewing a few burpies for baby shower gifts and got a great response. I decided to take them to a local consignment shop to sell them. One of my girlfriends wanted me to make her a nursing cover, and then another needed a bigger changing pad than the plastic ones you get in your diaper bag, and then I made a diaper clutch for myself because I only needed the diapers and wipes to carry around for my daughter and then my business was born. The more I would make, the more they would sell. My daughter Elliana (who is now 4) was just 18 months at the time and I kept thinking, how am I going to be able to do this with a baby? But things kept growing and I sold my things on ebay, and now have an online boutique *Sweet Baby Creations* on etsy www.inspiredbyjenna.etsy.com . I sell my products locally in two shops and out of my house. Is that kind of like the black market? I do custom orders, gift sets, and take special fabric requests (upon availability.) I always knew I would sell something I made. When I was a little girl I made those friendship bracelets and tried to sell them in my dad’s hair salon. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I found my niche and am able to use my hands to create something special and unique for precious little babies! I also have a fabric shop on etsy called Sweet Baby Fabrics www.sweetbabyfabrics.etsy.com

3. where do you do most of your work? and how do you fund the time?

I am lucky enough to have a studio where I do all my sewing and crafting. When my son Tucker was smaller I used to sew during the day wearing him in the sling and was super productive. Now that he’s a super active toddler, I mainly sew when he’s sleeping. And naptime during the day usually consists of dishes, laundry, picking up, showering and normal household maintaining. This is also the time I work one on one with my daughter with her “homework” or a special art project. Lately I get in my room as soon as the kids and hubby go to sleep. I need that uninterrupted creative time to get my ideas flowing, or to just get in my groove. I generally stay up way too late and wake up to my little 18 month alarm clock way too early. Caffeine and chocolate keep me going throughout the day. My husband and I have a little joke that I say at night, “well, I’m off to work!” (at 9 o’clock at night!) I love being able to add a little extra income to our family and stay at home with my family AND get my creative time in. Everybody wins!

4. tell me about your family and how they affect your business

My husband is extremely supportive of my craft and understands how necessary it is for me to get my “mommy time.” He is so encouraging in all that I do and supports my business whole-heartedly. My daughter loves being in my sewing room with me doing some sort of “craft-art” and is always asking me to make her something out of a fabric scrap she’s discovered.

5. what is your biggest seller?

My biggest sellers are probably my Nursing Covers and my Mommy Bags. There are all kinds of brands of nursing covers out there, but I think the thing that sets mine apart are the option for adding matching set of Cotton or Chenille Burpies, or a matching Mommy Bag, Diaper Clutch and Changing Blankie. They really make a nice baby gift.

The Mommy Bags have been a great seller too because they are so versatile. They don’t look like diaper bags, and they come in super cute fabrics. But what I love is that once they are done with their diaper bag destiny, they can be a craft tote, book bag, purse, or just that extra catch all bag.

The mini Mommy Bag is a great purse size bag with all the great pockets of the regular size Mommy Bag. It’s great for when you don’t need to carry around the kitchen sink anymore and you just need the diapers and wipes (carried in the Diaper clutch of course!) and a sippy cup and a toy or two. I carry mine around everywhere!

6. where do you find inspiration?

I think one of my biggest inspirations is finding new fabrics. I love shopping for new fabrics, pairing different fabric combinations, and coming home (or opening up a box) of fresh, crisp off the bolt fabric. I love (*read: slightly addicted to*) browsing on etsy and seeing so many creative and talented sellers. I am that person who won’t buy anything if I think I can make it cheaper and cuter and with my own spin on it. So I love gathering ideas from other crafty blogs (like Lindsey’s!) and turning it into my own creation. I also get inspired out of necessity. I love it when friends ask, “can you make something like this?” Or “I need a bag that hold this, can you make it for me?” I love figuring out a new pattern for something. I’m obsessive about it until I get it right. I often say, “oooohh, you know what would be cool….” And I am daily inspired by my children. Wanting a little sling for a baby, a super hero cape, a skirt that twirls just so, or wanting a shirt with pink butterfly on it. I love that I can make things like this for my children.

thanks so much, jenna! i learned something new - i didn't know you also sold fabric. great - just what i need more of!

and how great are these diaper clutches? i so need one of those. i'm at the stage where all i need for the boy is a couple diapers and wipes, yet they get destroyed in my bag along with everything else that accumulates in there. a diaper clutch would help keep things nice and tidy!

jenna is offering a diaper clutch of your choice and a matching key fob to one lucky winner. but for those of you just dying to buy something from her and can't wait to see if you win, she is also offering 15% off all her items! just convo her and tell her i sent you for the discount. yay for discounts. so go visit jenna. visit her at her blog. visit her at her etsy shop. then go visit her other etsy shop. then come back here and tell me how much you love her stuff for a chance to win!

***edited: giveaway now closed!***


Friday, January 30, 2009

custom order sneak peak

here's a little sneak peak of the custom order i was telling you about. i can't show the whole thing yet because its a surprise gift! i'll show you more after valentine's day.

2 reminders:
1 - don't forget about the giveaway!
2 - don't forget about the discount!

and i have over 30 new items going in the shop over the next few days, so be sure to visit often!