Friday, February 6, 2009

more crayon rolls

these crayon rolls have been flying of the shelf! i have quickly begun to realize that i tend to make way more girly items than boyish ones. so sorry for that! i guess its the 5+ years of creating for a girl that lean my tendencies that way. so i just whipped out 12 more crayon rolls, many gender neutral, some girly ones, and lots of boy ones! i know many of you have been asking for more, so here you go!

each crayon roll is made with 2 coordinating fabrics, with 16 little pockets filled with 16 crayola crayons, and roll up & tie up with a grosgrain ribbon. $17 each

ps - you'll only see 8 more new ones in my shop today because i ran out of crayons - oops! the others will be up soon.


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Kristin9204 said...

I make some crayon rolls as well and it seems that I never have enough. They really are such a popular item and everyone really loves them. Side note: Jenna and I grew up together and I was so glad to see that the two of you did a giveaway and interview. I am considering doing the same with my friend Jenni, her and I both have etsy stores and it would be great exposure for our businesses.