Friday, February 6, 2009

bridal posy pins and hair clips

how pretty is this? i've been working on a bridal line for a long time now, along with lots of input from my sister-in-law, and here's the first of the products. this posy is made of several layers of beautiful white fabrics, from velvet to twill. i'd call them casually elegant.

here's a shot of the posy as a hairclip. the posy will have a large contour snap clip on the back along with extra tiny metal loops for sticking in extra bobby pins - you know how those stylists use like 40 bobby pins in bridal updo's!

but this posy can also be used on your gown, on a ribbon at the waist, as a detail on the back, an a wrap... how great would three of these be in place of the horrific "butt bow"?

please email me at if you're interested in these!

ps - thanks, lisa, for the pics!



joy said...

wow! those are really pretty, linds. between you and becky, i may just have to plan another wedding (to my husband of course)

bluecorduroy said...

that is such an awesome idea! they look great, and i'm sure those brides to be will be snatching them up!!

jenstamps said...

What a great idea! I wish I was getting married again. LOL Think I could talk my hubby into a 5 year renewal this year. :)

gk said...

I most certainly would be interested!! This would be great pinned in my hair or to hold up my bustle :) -Kellsey