Tuesday, August 26, 2008

covered journal

#1 outside - SOLD

#1 inside

#2 outside

#2 inside

i've only got two of these sweet covered journals, but more are on their way! they are standard composition books slipcovered in great fabrics, with a ribbon tie closure and have a sweet surprise on the inside - a pencil pocket! the best part about these is that once the journal is filled, just remove the cover and slip in a new one! not only are these great for students, but also great for me! i'm a list maker and note taker, so something this size is so much better for me than all my tiny scraps of paper. these first 2 are a little more grown up, but still youthful and fun.

they are $17 each, $3.50 for shipping, and just $1 for each additional item shipped.


Monday, August 25, 2008

zippered pouches

#1 - a great little vw van print - perfect for holding thatever-so-important car collection. SOLD!

#2 - a sweet little snail and peapod print. great for a baby shower gift filled with pacifiers, a rattle, and tylenol - an emergency kit! SOLD

#3 - my boy loves balls, so we take them wherever we go. this little dog printed pouch offers an easy way to find those balls instead of digging around your purse for them. SOLD

#4 - one of my personal favorite fabrics, this is a "vintage" amy butler fabric, no longer in print, no longer available anywhere! its was hard to cut this piece up! it would be great as a makeup holder in a purse, or just a grab 'n' go bag to head quickly out the door. SOLD

#5 - this little goldfish pattern is a fun one! send your preschooler off to grandma's house with it filled with goldfish crackers - they'd get a kick out of that!

#6 - a great turquoise and green pattern with little butterfly patterns hidden in it. i love the colors of this one, but especially love the polka dots inside! SOLD

#7 - the garden gnome! this one is great. take it out to dinner filled with tiny distractions until the meal is served.

all of these pouches are about 6 x 7 1/2 inches, and are lined in equally yummy prints. the zips have a little ribbon pull. these are awesome for:

- a quick grab-n-go bag to take into a store with your essentials (money, cell phone, camera)
- a snack bag for the kids
- for holding puzzle pieces for dinners out
- a small pad of paper and crayons or markers
- a handful of legos or blocks
- a small community of pollypockets
- a folded diaper and a baggie of wipes to drop off at a playdate or church nursery
- flashcards for the car
- tissues, makeup, compact mirror
- organizing different categories of a purse or diaper bag
-now that school is starting, toss one of these into your kid's backpack filled with tissues, hand sanitizer and chapstick. and a laminated picture of yourself. of course.

each bag is handmade and are $14 each, or two for $25. these would make a great gift, maybe start christmas shopping early this year? shipping is $2.50, $1.00 for each additional item. email me with any questions at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com.


posy pins

aka flower brooches. these adorable flowers are handmade with 2 to 6 different fabrics each, and have a covered button center with a pin closure on the back. they look great solo, but even better in pairs or 3's.

they are $6 each or 3 for $15, plus 2.50 for shipping. shipping for each additional item (or sets) is only $1 more. contact me at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com with any orders or questions.

let me know which ones you're interested in by number and the title of this post (posy pins), and they are first come first serve. no 2 are exactly alike! i'll update as often as possible to let you know which are still available.

*update* - SOLD OUT!



i'm so glad you've found the Pleated Poppy!

let me introduce myself: i'm lindsey. i'm most defined in my role as a stay at home mom of three kiddos: gracie is 5, lily is almost 3, and silas just turned 1. i've been married to my entrepreneur husband, sean, for 8 years now (wow!). i'm involved in my church (women's ministry, mom's group, and seasonal decor), but most of my time is spent at home. to offset how much i give myself to the kids, i like to be crafty and creative as a personal (let's be honest: selfish) outlet.

here's how this all started: after starting my personal blog, imperfect, awhile back, i decided to try to make all of my gifts for christmas. you can see glimpses of it here. then some friends and i decided to host a spring boutique, where i sold some of the items i had given as christmas gifts. well, i got the bug! i sold my stash that was leftover from the boutique on my blog, then kept getting requests for more. i've since expanded the items i make, and am always trying something new.

check back here often as i'll update my "shop" as often as i'm able (as often as the kids let me!).