Tuesday, August 26, 2008

covered journal

#1 outside - SOLD

#1 inside

#2 outside

#2 inside

i've only got two of these sweet covered journals, but more are on their way! they are standard composition books slipcovered in great fabrics, with a ribbon tie closure and have a sweet surprise on the inside - a pencil pocket! the best part about these is that once the journal is filled, just remove the cover and slip in a new one! not only are these great for students, but also great for me! i'm a list maker and note taker, so something this size is so much better for me than all my tiny scraps of paper. these first 2 are a little more grown up, but still youthful and fun.

they are $17 each, $3.50 for shipping, and just $1 for each additional item shipped.



Stephanie said...

Those are so cute Lindsey! What a great idea :)

Shirin said...

GREAT idea! I need 3 for my kids for Christmas gifts. They devour those cheap notebooks. We need to connect. I don't know you but I know Djones. Please find me at the Schneider Web!

lindsey said...

shirin - please email me at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com