Friday, January 30, 2009

custom order sneak peak

here's a little sneak peak of the custom order i was telling you about. i can't show the whole thing yet because its a surprise gift! i'll show you more after valentine's day.

2 reminders:
1 - don't forget about the giveaway!
2 - don't forget about the discount!

and i have over 30 new items going in the shop over the next few days, so be sure to visit often!



Joyful Weddings and Events said...

looks cute!

Denissa said...

too cute!! are you going to be adding more tea towels? i really want one!! :)

Kristen said...

super cute... i can't wait to see the finished products.

bluecorduroy said...

A-Dor-A-Ble!! I love the yummy cupcake appliques!

All your zip pouches look great too! I love how you are always busy creating. Are you always this inspired/motivated, or does it come in waves?

JenD said...

first that looks awesome! the fabrics are great. I also wanted to let you know that i made a post about capes on my blog and linked to yours and posted your cape picture. Hope you get some new friends. I have been so happy what I have bought! I am a scrapbooker and find you site and fabrics so inspiring!

lindsey said...

emily - the inspiration and motivation definitely come in waves. i find when i don't have any pressure or deadlines i work best. i've been really inspired lately and have a TON of new items!

jen - thanks for linking me! i'm sooo glad you're happy with my products! thanks for your support!

MelliB said...

The cupcakes are adorable! Can't wait to see the entire thing!