Monday, January 19, 2009

fabric resources

so its no secret i love fabric. i mean, i LOVE fabric. i go into a fabric store and get so excited i have to run to the bathroom before i can really get started. every time. its ridiculous, i know. but when i can't get to a great fabric store, or my local shops don't carry what i'm looking for, i head to the trusty internet. here's a few of my favorite places to shop: and if you order today or tomorrow with the code CHANGE09 you can get 15% off your order!

fabric shoppe on etsy

materialgirl's shop on etsy

there are lots and lots more, but these are the standards. i placed a hefty order on sewmamasew last night so in a few days i'll have a fun stash to share with you! unfortunately, the fabric above was out of stock, so i'll be searching around for more.

and i just reconfigured my website so anytime i add something new to the shop it shows up on the front page. i added a few new things today, so go check it out!



Missy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these sites - I will definitely use these. I am always looking for other fabrics sites. Thanks again!

joy said...

i was drooling over that same fabric. it's so cute.

joy said...

love the new zippered pouch with the flowers.

Lisa Stone said...

That's too funny about the bathroom! The same thing happens to me ;)

I guess it is the creative juices flowing! Pun intended!