Saturday, January 3, 2009

sale! sale!

in case you're not tired of red and green yet, or want to get a really early jump start on next year's christmas shopping, my last few sets of christmas posy pins are on sale for half off the original price. that makes them only $7.50 for a set of 3! what a deal.

and a little something to look forward to: valentine's day posy pins! thanks to a suggestion from a wonderful customer, i'll be getting these cuties out soon so you can celebrate the *day of love* weeks in advance!

and so sorry for the major disappearance from blogging. in real life i had 3 littles, 2 huge families, 1 messy house and lots and lots of custom orders that were demanding my attention. but now we're a bit more settled and ready (i think?) to get back into the swing of things. my break was wonderful and everything that a break should be, and i am so thankful for that. but now i'm well rested and have lots of fun things in mind for this new year ahead of us. i hope you'll join me this next year as i venture out with new ideas and new products!

happy new year!

*edited* - sold out! thanks so much!


bluecorduroy said...

yeah lindsey! can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve, and glad to know you had a great break (is the three weeks over already?)

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

just ordered the Christmas pins (though I plan you use them year-round). Can't wait to get them.