Monday, October 27, 2008

kreativ blogger award

marisa, from small moments captured, nominated me for a kreativ blogger award! so sweet - thanks, marisa! i'm honored. so with that, i'll play along with the award's callings: answering 7 questions with 7 items under each heading. hmmm.... i'll try!

1. What I Did Before: before what? 3kids? i had 2 kids! ok, really, before i started becoming my current profession as a baby making machine, i had several jobs. my longest was as a faux finisher. i probably did that for 4 years or so, through the end of college and into the beginning of marriage. i burnt out on that due to lots of physical labor, heavy paint fumes, and construction site drama. after that i began a business selling things i refurbished from garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales. that was soooo much fun, but i stopped when i got pregnant. lets be honest - i stopped because i didn't make any money, and i happened to be pregnant, too. i have a really hard time charging more for something than i would pay for myself. ok, thats only 2, 5 more to go: ruby's diner server, office assistant for my hubby, nanny, sterilization technician at my dad's dental office, hostess at a fine dining restaurant. i like my current career the best, BY FAR!

2. What I Do Now: take care of my 3 kids, homeschool 3 days a week, make feeble attempts at house cleaning, craft whenever possible, and run the pleated poppy (a lot more computer time than i expected!)

3. What I'd Like To Do? eat a s'more, make a dent in my piles of unread magazines, finish some of my many unfinished projects, paint my sofa table (how long has it been?!), sleep more, have more patience, yell less.

4. What Attracts Me To My Husband? the way he loves our kids, how hard he works for our family, he supports my crafting habits, he's super active and athletic (seriously very good at every sport! crazy.), the way he pretends he's not ticklish, how dedicated he is to taking care of his physical health, that he encourages me to take care of myself, too.

5. Favorite Food: cookies, brownies, snickers, sushi, pizza, rootbeer floats, ice cream. can you tell a have a sweet tooth?

6. What I Say Most Often: "silas, get of the table!", "gentle hands!", "hey babe...", "when will you be home?", "be kind", "can you get silas down?", "eat your food!".

7. Pick Seven Other Bloggers: lisa leonard, joyful weddings and events, sugarplum invitations, joy's hope, inspired by jenna, skip to my lou, paper and stitch


Lisa Leonard said...

thanks for the award! we use the phrase 'be kind' a lot, too. yesterday matty said that batman and and the joker got into a fight and they weren't being kind. yep!

Marisa said...

Hey! I'm so glad you saw the award! It's been awhile since I had some time to read my favorite blogs so I'm just now reading this post. Hope The Pleated Poppy is doing well! I am amazed at all the things you accomplish! You have such great, creative ideas not just for your store, but also in everyday life. Keep on inspiring!