Thursday, October 9, 2008

cozy posies and a give away!

i LOVE the way these fall posies turned out! many of the fabrics really fluffed up and made very full posies. i love how the tweed looks with the cotton fabrics, and how using men's suiting materials makes these posies suddenly seem ready for cooler weather.

many of these have warm, fallish colors, while others have cooler tones. i've made up sets of three, some of the warm tones, some cool, and some are a mix. i also have lots of sets of the multi-colored posies that are really great year-round.

and if you're visiting from natalie's sentiments - welcome! enjoy your time here, and be sure to check out my shop for your favorites and get back to natalie, post a comment, cross your fingers and hope you WIN! that's right, folks. natalie is hosting a giveaway where you can win a set of 3 posies, a zippered pouch, and a travel tissue case!

these fall posies will be available later today or tomorrow. we're celebrating my daughter's 3rd birthday today, so no time to add to the shop! be sure to check back later...

*EDITED* - the shop has now been updated (look under "new!").



Sara said...

I just love the warm colored posies!!! So fall!!! =]

jenstamps said...

I see another order in my future! :) I love these!!!

Happy birthday to your little one!

joy said...

mmm...those look really pretty.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the way they turned out! They're so awesome! The rust colored ones are my favorite, not that you asked :)