Saturday, December 13, 2008

winner, winner, chicken dinner!

congratulations, wendy from the shabby nest! you were randomly chosen as the winner of a set of posy pins! yay for you! head on over to my shop and pick yourself out a little gift, and email me with which set you chose and your addy, and i'll ship it out to you in time for christmas.

and speaking of christmas... i have a little gift for you all. i had a boutique at my house last wednesday, which was super fun - filled the house with food, friends, and great crafty goodness - but i forgot to blog about it ahead of time to invite all the locals. so here's my gift/peace offering: enjoy 15% off your entire order anytime from now through the end of the year! i can only guarantee orders in time for christmas if they are ordered by the 15th of december, but a little after may still have a good chance of making it, just no guarantee. when you are checking out, enter the coupon code holidays to get your discount.


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