Tuesday, December 2, 2008

christmas boutique

i had a space in a christmas boutique last friday and saturday (did you notice my shop was empty?). thankfully i didn't have to drive far (2 blocks) because it made for a very long weekend. my sales were decent, but overall the show was very slow. saturday was nearly dead. my husband brought me my iphone after a couple hours so i could entertain myself.

i'd rather i wasn't actually in that shot above, but i had to hold the papered window up in the back of my booth because i didn't want you to have to look entirely into the booth behind me. no, i don't typically pose like that!

here are just 2 of my many helpers, mom and j. it was awesome to have them around. and when it was time to break down saturday afternoon, we were done and back home in - get this - 17 minutes! i think thats some sort of record.

so here's a peak at all that i was offering at the show, and some of what i'll be putting in my shop. i have 4 sets of these adorable slippers left.

almost all of the headbands sold. they always do better in person. i need a better way to show how adorable they are online. i'm in the process of making more of them.

here's a fun new product i've been dying to try - checkbook covers! they turned out so cute. i only have a handful left, but will be making more of these as well. these are gonna go fast!

the pencil rolls were a huge hit, too. i've only got one left. need to make more, as well.

stacks of chubby buton magnets.

new tea towels!!! i am loving these! (this one sold, but i hope to make more)

another fun one, stacking bowls.

and those acorns!

chubby button pushpins - already back in the shop - great little stocking stuffers.

the journal covers and posy pins were big hits, too.

and the crayon rolls are all gone! there are only a few travel tissue cases left in the shop (another stocking stuffer. for 4 bucks? come on!).

almost all of the clips and pony tail holders are gone, too.

in the back of the window display in a twin sized duvet cover, covered in appliqued flowers.

lots of fun posy hair clips.

isn't she just the cutest assistant ever?! we got to have "special time" together each day for a couple hours. she did awesome, after a few times of coaching on how to interact with customers ("when someone is looking at something, don't go walk in front of them and start playing with that something"). she's got the bug to start selling her own things. she's been asking me for months if she could make stuff to sell and i have been gently putting it off (1st idea was paper purses. they're super cute, but really impractical.). but there was a little girl there selling cheesy little foam ornaments (her mom's words, not mine) in her dad's booth, and she was raking it in! who could resist a little girl smiling at you, asking for a buck? maybe next time, gracie. we gotta work on your product line. in my free time. when will that be? who knows, i just made myself a huge task list as i wrote this post!



Ashley Starr said...

this stuff is amazing! I am really interested in it! Wow

Jenna said...

your products are adorable! your booth looked so cute! i love all the little cute display things. you had a TON of stuff! i'm glad sales were great, i'm not surprised! it's all so cute!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

I wish I could have been there. So cute!

Jamie said...

Hi there, I discovered your blog through my friend Linda Zalmea. She knows I love to decorate and creativity so she sent me to your blog to see some signs you had made. I love your designs and product and your blog is also entertaining to read. I just thought I would give you an idea of how to better sell your headbands online. You could have your girls (or your friend girls) and your friends model them for you. That way it sells to both a younger crowd and adult crowd. I think if people could see them actually on a person they would be more likely to buy them. I hope that helps and I won't be offended if you don't use my idea. : ) just thought I would throw it out there for you.

little wash wash said...

I so want a checkbook cover and a tea towel. I always love seeing all the new stuff you have/make. Everytime I see your things it makes me want to get off my rear end and sew!!

bluecorduroy said...

lindsey- your stuff looks awesome! sounds like you actually did well at the boutique- and i love your display. i would love to hear more about your business- emily

LuLu said...

Do you have any journal cover left? I would love one for my daughter. I can always get one for her birthday. I live the pear towels! wish I lived in the area I would have been in bliss shopping your booth!

lindsey said...

lulu - i have 2 journal covers left, but will be making more. look for the 2 in my shop today sometime... and i hope to make more of the pears soon, too!

kirsten said...

What lovely creations! The overall effect is so delightful--well done!

The Fruid said...

I love the pear and acorn tea towels! They're so cute!

Mama Mote said...

How do you even have time for all this? That's incredible!!! And how did I not know this about you? Could it possibly be because we travel in different circles? I wish my girls were small again. I would definitely be shopping your place. Love you.

Lisa Stone said...

Your boutique setup is truly inspiring! As a jewelry designer, I am always looking for attractive, yet useful ways to display my jewelry so I understand what goes in to the preparation ;)

I just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful overall look!