Tuesday, November 18, 2008

off to grandma's house we go!

a box full of goodies are heading to the post office today to be shipped of to my mother-in-law's house. a friend of her's is hosting a boutique and she offered to sell some of my products there. how sweet is that?! it so nice to have family super supportive of what i'm doing here.

there are a few new items hiding in the pile. can you spot them? at the very bottom are some really fun tea towels and on top are a few pairs of little girl's posy slippers, too! aren't they so fun?! i have a couple boutiques coming up soon, so i'll be working like crazy getting new products out. i'll be sure to save some of them for you guys, too!

so if you live in the orange county area and are interested in attending, email me at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com and i'll get more info to you.



Kristen said...

those posy slipper are far too cute! love them :o)

Paige said...

Those slippers are to die for...do they come in my size? I love them!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

ah, shoot! I should have had you put my things in that box... oh well, I guess I'll have to stop being so cheap and pay for shipping.

joy said...

the slippers are so cute! and i think i saw the tea towels and those are cute, too. the posies look so well put-together, too! ;) ha ha.

Kate said...

I love those slippers!! I want some for my girls:)

Julie said...

I was selling at Carolyn's today and what a fun treat to see your goodies there! The tea towels and slippers are RIDICULOUSLY perfect!!!
Everything you touch is magical.
DOn't even get me started on the HUGE turquoise rick rack. I am obsessed!!!