Thursday, September 18, 2008

style me pretty

yesterday the pleated poppy was featured on style me pretty! so much fun! if you or anyone you know are getting married, go check out this blog for lots of resources and inspiration.
and if you're visiting here from style me pretty, welcome! the pleated poppy is a relatively new business selling unique handmade items. you can also visit me at my personal blog, imperfect, and see not only my family happenings, but also some fun party ideas and crafting tutorials.
if you are a bride, please check out sugar plum invitation's beautiful letterpress work for your invites and stationary. and, if you are getting married in orange or san diego county, check out joyful wedding and events for a very fun, professional event.
and lastly, if you are interested in knowing when my next batch of products will be available, email me at and i'll put you on the list! i plan on posting more in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. i'm building up my stock right now for a boutique next weekend, so i'm sure i'll have extras to sell afterward.
thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact me with any questions!



Dave and Kate said...

Hey Lindsey,
This is katie Sherreitt. I love your little poppy pins and I am wondering your pricing. I also have another question for you regarding them... email me @

i love your blog and i'm living thru you b/c we just started school, plus the first soccer game, etc. it's so fun, isn't it? Sad..but fun! ;)
love kate

Karen said...

Hi, Lindsey,

Your poppy pins are great! Do you ever take custom orders? I am planning a black and white wedding right now, and might want to order some for flower girls, etc. Let me know when you get a chance!


joy said...

that's so exciting that you were featured on style me pretty! congrats, lindsey. and, i'm serious--when you make it big, please consider me as one who will work for you. looking ahead, i think i'm going to need a way to pay for sloca! :)